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FREE Facebook Pack! With 19 vst fx, 4 vsti, a samplepack and More…


Speaker Blower FX Pack! Includes more than 40 vst plugins! More…


Speaker Blower Synths Pack: with 6 phat sounding synthesizers. More…




Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…


alien technology

is the title of this track from the LP "Distorted Visions" by Dr. Speaker Blower. We made this sci-fi video to match the music and we did it based on the look and style of the 50´s sci-fi movies. After this, we did a series of music videos to follow this storyline and they were made with a similar look but presented as a 50s sci-fi tv series. Do not miss this!

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M/Ster Balance: a 32-bit sucess

May 8, 2015

M/Ster Balance is our new proposal as a sound effect. It is a plugin designed for fast results. It allows you control over the sound in 2 areas: frequency (multiband) and stereo field (M/S). Free plugin! More


Desespero: Post-Production in the studio

July 1, 2013

"Desespero" is an award winning short film by director Rui Pilão. This is only his second film and we were amazed with its quality. It is a suspanse/terror movie and we had the pleasure of work on its sound. More


new pilot episode for TV

August 1, 2012

"Geração à rasca" is a 50 minutes pilot episode proposal for a new style of a youth tv series. Here, you are presented with some school adventures but always from a comic point of view. More






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