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Great Variety

These are some of the projects where we had to record sound on location. They range from TV spots to 35mm films, from TV series to documentaries. The sound of all projects was recorded by Miguel Santos.


Dia de Visita

In this 2011 short film by Luís Vieira Campos, we were responsible for recording all the sound - including recording on location in a real jail. More info about this film here.

Mundo Catita

In this original and independent tv series, we did all the location sound recordings, all sound dubbings and even the full concert recording in the last episode.


In 2007, we recorded all the location sound for this 35mm experimental and original short film by Luís Miranda. Shootings were completed in only 1 day!


In this short film for Cine-Clube de Avanca, we recorded all the location sound in the 3 days of shooting and, then, the main sound editing and mixing.

Sagres Selecção

Done for the 2006 Football World Cup, in this beer advertisement film, we recorded the original location sound with the people watching the game on the TV and outside.


Done in 2004, it´s an archaeology documentary film with all the audio done by ourafilmes. We also did all the music for this film. This film is exhibited to students every day in a local museum.

Dual Band

Our last short film was finished in 2002 and, of course, we did all the sound work: from location sound to the final mixes! Even the original soundtrack was done here!


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