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FREE Facebook Pack! With 19 vst fx, 4 vsti, a samplepack and More…


Speaker Blower FX Pack! Includes more than 40 vst plugins! More…


Speaker Blower Synths Pack: with 6 phat sounding synthesizers. More…




Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…

in.side the machine: Speaker Blower Fx Pack


Speaker Blower FX pack (VST Effects - PC) only 10€

Pack with more than 40 plugins (32 bit) for complex sonic transformation. Complete: from classic eqs to guitar distortion, from compressors to filters, from complete recording channels to powerful modulation effects, from delays to mult-iband M/S processors - Including tons of presets for all effects. Originally developed for my exclusive use, I decided to release these plugins to the world. Mono versions are free and they serve as a demo of the sonic power of these effects to all interested users. Although some of the effects are now free, the most important and exclusive can only be found here. Detailed information about all included plugins is available in PDF. Note that these are final versions! No updates are expected as I quit the VST creation work!

"Using Ourafilmes plugins more and more in my workflow. Thank you!" Jaime Ortiz on Facebook

Only 10€!

This software is not a commercial release. These are my custom made effects. They were made for my exclusive use but they are now available for any interested user. As I mentioned before, these are final versions so no updates are expected! All processors were extensively used and updated by me and are sold as they are. Mono versions are free and they serve as test versions on the different computer systems of the interested users. As some effects do not have any mono version, there are also available demo versions for these effects.

Recently, we closed our online store so this software is now only available by donating 10€ on Paypal. We will then send you a link with your software.

Space Delay mp3 demo   QuadStortion mp3 demo   Noise Gater mp3 demo   

Doubler mp3 demo   Arsenal Compressor mp3 demo   Space Verb mp3 demo

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