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5.1 surround studio


Ourafilmes 5.1 Surround Studio

Our 5.1 surround studio is now shared with our sister company, the Speaker Blower Records label. We have in our studio only quality software and hardware. We use both systems: PC and Mac. Note that there´s no piracy here, only hard work to pay the bills! Here´s some pictures (click to enlarge) and a full list of our gear:




Ourafilmes 5.1 Studio


Sequencers: Apple Logic Pro 9, Ableton Live 9, Digidesign Pro Tools LE 8 (+ DV Toolkit 2)

Editors: Recycle 2.2, I3 DSP-Quattro X, iZotope RX2, Apple (Soundtrack, WaveBurner, SoundDiver), SynthMaker

Effects: TC Powercore X8 (with all plugins), Waves (Platinum, Center, De-breath, W43, Kramer Master Tape, Z-Noise, SSL, V-Series, Tune, L3-16, L3, L3-LL); PSP TotalPack, Serato Pitch´n´Time, bx_digital V2, Ohmforce (Frohmage, Ohmboyz, Predatohm), AudioEase Speakerphone, IK Multimedia (CSR, Ampeg, Amplitube, Amplitube JImi Hendrix, Miroslav Philarmonik CE, T-Racks Plugins) Audio Damage (Reverence, Discord, Dr. Device, Vapor, Fluid, Liquid, Fuzzplus, Pulse Modulator), AG WarpDrive, Camel Audio (CamelPhat, CamelSpace), SPL Transient Designer, Novation FX Suite, iZotope Vinyl and my own VST FX.

Instruments: Logic Pro internal instruments, NI Komplete 8+Razor, GForce impOSCar, Korg Legacy (with MS-20 hardware), Arturia V Collection, Fxpansion DCAM, ReFX Vanguard, Novation V-Station, Sylenth1, Vienna Instruments (Special Edition Bundle), Camel Audio Alchemy, Izotope Iris, Invictus 8 (Reaktor exclusive synth made by Dr. Speaker Blower) among other exclusive vst synths (in the PC)


Computers: 2.5 GHz Dual Core PC (3GB ram, 450 GB in 3 HD), Mac Pro (Xenon 8 core 2.26 GHz, 16 GB ram, 64 GB SSD, 3TB HD), Mac Pro (Xenon 4 core 2.66 GHz, 12GB ram, 2x 128GB SSD, 1.6TB in 2HD), MacBook Pro (Dual Core 2.5 GHz, 4Gb ram, 250 GB HD), Mac Mini (Dual Core 1.83 GHz, 1GB ram, 80 GB HD) - last one used mainly for internet related stuff; External HD (9 with 6 TB in total)

Synths: Access Virus Indigo II, Novation Supernova II rack

Effects: Zoom 9050, Lexicon MPX1, Kaos Pad, Alesis FX

Preamp/ Audio Card/ AD/DA Converter: Berlant Concertone (x4), RCA MI 12161, RCA MI 12161 (conversion to Fender 5C3), VIP 60s tube Mic Pre (x2), BBC Mic Pre, Tandberg Vintage tube Mic Pre (x5), AMEK GL75 mixer channel (x4), DBX Mini-Pre, RME QuadMic, Creamware A16, RME HDSP Multiface (x3), Digidesign Digi002 Rack, Digidesign Mbox 2 micro

Mixer/Controller: Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro (x2), Mackie Control Universal Pro (+1 extender +1 C4), Numark Matrix 3 (Dj mixer)

Monitors/Monitor Controller: Samsung 940BW (x2), Samsung 21" (x2), Samsung 32" LCD, Mackie HR 624 (x5), Mackie HRS 120, tiny shit multimedia speakers (x2), Creative 2.1 speakers, SPL Surround Monitor Controller, Sennheiser headphones (x2)

Other: Neutrik Patchbay, Emagic AMT8 + AMT4 (midi interfaces), Tandberg Model 3, Model 5, Revox PR99, B77 MkII and F36 reel to reel recorders, Denon Tape Recorder, Roland Midi keyboard, M-Audio Oxygen 8 Midi Keyboard, Canopus ADVC-100 (video converter), Wacom tablet (x3), Sony (VCR and DVD/SACD), Marshall Guitar amp, 2 guitars, Rode NTG1 (mic), AT 815b (mic), Shure SM58 (mic), shit microfones (x4), boom (x2), Marantz PMD portable recorder, portable rack (for external recordings), lots of vintage tubes and Tube Tester TV-7/U


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