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Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…

Sound.track for film and tv


Great Contrast

These are some of the varied projects where we had to contribute with the soundtrack (by Dr. Speaker Blower). From the choirs based project "Panóias" to the experimental sounds of "In Between", our sound pallete is wide.


Speaker Blower Records Promo

Promotional video for the Speaker Blower Records website (and web videos), featuring all the artists of this portuguese d´n´b label in an advanced graphical and sound atomosphere.

Geração à rasca

Taken from the DVD bonus section, with 11 tracks, this is the complete and original soundtrack for this pilot episode. Music produced by Dr. Speaker Blower.

Pensao Estoril Video

45 seconds video featuring exclusive soundtrack produced in 2010 for the website of this hotel in the center of Oporto. Music produced by Dr. Speaker Blower.

Um Mundo Catita

In this small sequence in the gimnasium of this independent tv series, the soundtrack was produced by Dr. Speaker Blower. Produced in 2006/8, the sound of this project is by Ourafilmes.

In Between

This is a small film made to be projected side by side with the paintings in an arts exhibition by Sónia Carvalho. We did both the film and the soundtrack.


Done in 2003, it´s an archaeology documentary film with all the audio done by ourafilmes. We also did all the music for this film. This film is exhibited to students every day in a local museum.

Sentidos Grátis 6.0

30 seconds TV Comercial that we did some years ago. We did (in a row) all the video and all the audio including the music (and final audio/video renders) in only 20 hours!

Dual Band

Our last short film includes an extra soundtrack made by Dr. Speaker Blower and that is only included in the film dvd. We present the tracks "Eye Link" and "Isocrap".


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