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FREE Facebook Pack! With 19 vst fx, 4 vsti, a samplepack and More…


Speaker Blower FX Pack! Includes more than 40 vst plugins! More…


Speaker Blower Synths Pack: with 6 phat sounding synthesizers. More…




Speaker Blower Records is the first portuguese Drum´n´Bass Label and our sound is technical, advanced, futuristic and hipnotic. We have some of the best portuguese producers. Our release #0 is a free downloadable launch promo. More…

in.side the machine: speaker blower Total Pack


TOTAL PACK (VST/ Reaktor - PC/MAC) Now only 25€

Dr. Speaker Blower presents the Speaker Blower TOTAL Pack. Including all the Dr. Speaker Blower creations, this is a pack for all the freakiest sound lab dogs. Includes all kind of tools to complement your arsenal: from powerful virtual synthesizers (analogue/FM) to the most exclusive and unique effects processors. There are exclusive creations in VST (32 bit PC) and Reaktor 5 (PC/MAC) formats. This pack is formed by final versions! No updates are expected! As such, some of the bonus contents of this pack are actually being given away for free (but not everything)!

-Includes all contents from the Speaker Blower FX and Synths packs
-Includes 5 bonus exclusive vst effects: SB-2 FX, The Ring, Spitfire D-Lay, Phase Distortion (in beta version, CoP Tape Delay and 5 new exclusive effects
-Includes bonus synthesizer Lusus 2.0 (alternative version I use to play Live)
-Includes all free effects and Lusus synth, from the Ourafilmes, Speaker Blower Records and Dr. Speaker Blower sites: OuraDrive, Distorted Chorus LE, OuraPhat LE and Speaker Blower vst.
-Includes all 10 creations in REAKTOR since 2002
-Includes the last update of Invictus 1: the version 1.5!
-It simply does not include Invictus 8 – the (r)evolution of Invictus: version 2 (this one is kept as an exclusive by Dr. Speaker Blower)

-90+ plugins (including the mono versions) and more than 900 presets!


This software is not a commercial release. These are my custom made effects (and some bonus effects that were done by request). They were made for my exclusive use but they are now available for any interested user. As I mentioned before, this pack is formed by final versions so no updates are expected!. All processors were extensively used and updated by me and are sold as they are.

Recently, we closed our online store so this software is now only available by donating 25€ on Paypal. We will then send you a link with your software.



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