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"First Rays of Darkness" and "The Sandeman"

"First Rays of Darknesss" was first released in 2012 as a preview for the LP "Distorted Visions" by Dr. Speaker Blower.

As the title of the track says, this video had to be done based on a dark style (sometimes spooky) to match the track and the type of sound. It was shot during this last October in an abandoned old sanatory. The place is very damaged so we were very careful in the places we could shoot. The track is pretty energetic so the video also had to match that. Therefore, to do this, we had to find a rythm that was accurate: not too slow and not too fast.


This video was conceived in a way that allows you have many possible interpretations of the storyline. All of them are correct as there is not a single version that is more accurate (or better explainable) than another: that was our main goal.

The picture final treatment process was, basically, raising the contrast of the original image and a subtile color and image correction in a way where it integrates better with the music and matches with the desired "dark" effect. It was also processed with an effect that actuates on the time factor: the whole video has permanently flashes with time going back and forward, usually, less than one second of the current position. This effect and the de-constructive style of image editing contribute a lot to create several interpretations of the story.


The grain was an option that we deliberately took without thinking twice as it helps a lot for the style and aesthetics of our video. The place we choose to film this is not an easy place to shoot due to its degradation and abandoned state but it is the perfect place to run our history. If it was an abandoned factory or warehouse, it simply was not the same thing...

After this, we did another video, this time, for the track "The Sandeman". Mainly, we shot some videos with Dr. SB driving his car and , then, we decided to do some video compositing for this new video and some hand painting on it. Here´s the result:





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